Burhan Muzaffar Wani

Some biographies follows conventional path like where they born, how they grow up? And what’s his or her struggle and how he or she got what he or she want? We can say a typical biography of a certain person has these important key factors.

Like we have some conventional stories, we also have some very short stories as well, and I consider this young man’s story as one of the shortest biography I’ve ever written. When he born he saw occupation, an illegal occupation, he saw rapes, murders everywhere in his piece of land. He learn to walk when he was crawling, he learn to fight when it was the time to play with the friends, and these incidents took his innocence. His parents knew that he is pretty different from rest of the family. 

This is the story of Burhan and Indian Occupied Kashmir. Burhan was born in Dadsara village of Tral area of Pulwarna, Jammu & Kashmir in the family of Muzafar Ahmad Wani, a high school principle. Burhan’s Family knew that he is very different from their siblings and also very sensitive. He left his school when he was 16 and joined Hizb-ul-Mujahideen in October 2010. He was quite young and energetic and that is the reason he became very popular in young Kashmiris and on social media due to his energetic personality.


Burhan’s family was continuously supporting him as they know that he always wanted to do that. Burhan loves his family and when his elder brother Khalid was going to meet him, Indian Army killed Khalid in an encounter near Srinagar in 2013 April.

But Burhan didn’t stop his mission and starts a social media campaign by posting videos and found some appeal in the younger Muslim population of Kashmir. He recruited around 30 young Kashmiris due to that social media campaign. He was a sign of resistance in Kashmir and that is the reason Indian forces announced 1 million bounty for finding Burhan. He remained a sign of fear among Indian forces for almost 10years.

8th July 2016 around 4:30AM Indian Special Forces starts an operation based on intelligence report that three Mujahedeen are hiding in the village Bamdura of Kokernag. It took around 2 and half hours to complete the operation and as a result the sign of fear among Indian Army “Burhan Wani” killed. Jammu and Kashmir Police’s Director General confirmed that in the operation well-known Fighter “Burhan Wani” killed in an exchange of fire between security personnel and militant.

After the news of his death spread, protests erupted in some areas of Kashmir Valley. Curfew was imposed in some places in South Kashmir during the night and internet services in many areas were cut. Violent clashes broke out in response to the killing and around 96 Indian soldiers have been injured in the clashes and around 20 police stations were attacked and many weapons were stolen from different police stations.

Lakhs of people attended Burhan’s funeral according to some estimates. Lead Fighters from Hizb-ul-Mujahedeen were present at his funeral and offered him a 21-gun salute. His body was wrapped in the flag of Pakistan and he was buried next to that of his brother Khalid in Tral.  


From last 68 years Kashmiris are illegally occupied by India and the crimes of India in Kashmir are not limited to murders of innocent Kashmiris but it also include rapes of innocent Kashmiri girls, and widows. The statistics of rape cases in Kashmir is higher than in any country in South Asia region. It is an ongoing issue. The abuses range from mass killings, forced disappearance, torture, rape and sexual abuse. The Indian Army, central reserve police force, border security personnel and various militant groups have been accused and held accountable for committing severe human right abuses against Kashmiri Civilians.

Last Year, WikiLeaks accused India of systemic human right abuses, it stated that US diplomats possessed evidence of the apparent widespread use of torture by Indian police and security forces. The whole world still remember the famous Kunan Poshpora incident in which around 23 Kashmiri women were gang raped by the soldier in a search operation in the valley. Whereas some independent Human rights organization claimed that the number of raped that night was more than 100.

That is the main reason many young Kashmiris are joining freedom fighters and many Burhan Wani is getting trained in different training stations of freedom fighters. Kashmiris only want freedom, freedom from sexual abuse, murders, tortures and forced disappearances. They want a peaceful and free Kashmir where they can live with their own terms and conditions.  

Considering Burhan’s death as a success for India is not a success at all in fact it will bring more resistance in Kashmir and it will bring some tensions in India as well. No doubt he was the star recruiter for Hizb ul mujahedeen but somewhere in Kashmir Valley another 15year school dropout boy joins Hizb ul Mujahedeen, and starts fight for the freedom.



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